Common Signs of a Faulty Sump Pump

Though spring is usually the season of flooded basements and heavy rains, we also see a lot of rain in the fall and winter. If your basement is not waterproofed properly, heavy fall rains can wreak havoc. In addition to that, melting snow and ice can also do as much damage as heavy rain during the winter season. 

If you want to keep your basement dry, then you’ll require a sump pump. However, just like any device out there, the sump pump requires maintenance. They will also require replacement as time passes by.  

Aside from regular sump pump inspection from a residential and commercial plumber in Windsor, here are other indications to look for: 

Dry Pit 

You’ve got a problem with your drainage system or the sump pump if the sump pump is operating, but the pit is dry. The system and the pump need to work together. It might show that the drainage system is clogged if the pit is dry. Also, it can suggest that the sump pump was improperly installed. An expert plumber will be able to examine this.  

Noisy Sump Pump 

Every single sump pump makes some sound whenever they are operating. However, any weird noises are probably a sign of a problem. This can be gurgling, grinding, rattling, thumps, or thuds. Typically, this indicate a problem with the sump pump’s motor. Luckily, the motor of a sump pump can be fixed. However, you’ve got to hire a professional plumber first to evaluate the problem. 

No Lid 

There is a high chance that you are getting all types of debris and dirt in your pit if your sump pump does not have a lid. This can cause issues by jamming the switches and clogging the sump pump. You should have your pump fixed and inspected if it is jammed or clogged. Next, you should get an airtight lid for it to stop the problem from happening again. 

Constant Running 

It’s an indication that something is wrong if the sump pump is operating all the time. This is particularly true if it is simply operating when there is no reason for it. All of the overwork can slowly deteriorate your sump pump prematurely. This can often result in a breakdown. The problem is often something such as broken valve, missing valve, or a stuck switch. However, the issue can also be that there’s constant flooding you aren’t wary of or that the sump pump simply is not the correct size. You should talk to a professional plumber and have him visit your house as soon as he can to repair the problem. 

Keeping your basement dry is one of the things you can do to prevent costly water damage to your home. The best way to do this is to have a sump pump. If your sump pump is having a problem, chances are it won’t do its job properly. Thus, it’s always best to hire a professional plumber to check your sump pump if you think that there is something wrong with it.  

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