Ways to Reduce Air Pollution – Everyday Health

The earth has been accumulating air pollution in each passing second, as every human contributes to this accumulation of greenhouse gasses – from big factories to small residential areas. Aside from it is making our habitat more and more polluted and toxic, it also contributes to the human’s poor health and respiratory problems. Air pollution is linked to many diseases like bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema, which may cause deaths.

There are many ways that we contribute to the earth’s pollution and one of which is when we over exhaust our vehicles and we produce smog. It is very important for you to search for a smog check near me to avoid realizing more the environment.

But aside from that, there are many simple ways we can contribute goodness to our environment or avoid releasing more air pollutants.

1.Recycle or compost

When we try to throw materials away, we are contributing more waste to the landfills and landfills are considered to be the breeding ground for toxins and contaminants that harm the water and the soil. One of the very sustainable solutions for this is to recycle materials in our house and create compost for organic wastes. Compost pit can be beneficial to our soil as it provides organic fertilizer to it, as well as recycling, provide creative projects in our house.

2.Ride a bike

Cars are also one of the leading factors that contribute to air pollution. This does not just point to the emissions we create when we start our vehicles engine but it also points to the whole manufacturing and assembly processes as well as the maintenance of these vehicles.

With this, riding a bike will help lessen the air pollution we emit to the environment. It is not just fuel-free but it also does not need motor oil and batteries which could also potentially limit their production and manufacture.

Also, getting fit is another benefit.

3. Buy local

This is perhaps the most subtle way of helping the environment. Buying local subtly improves the air quality as you will not have to carry on a transport to go to places to buy some cornices and materials. Aside from this, you will be supporting your local communities that do not really use heavy equipment that emits air pollutants unlike the big factories and manufacturing buildings. The fuel consumption and emissions are also one of the contributors to air pollution,

4.Conserve every at home

Reducing energy consumption by turning off electrical appliances and lights as well as unplugging everything you do are not using really contribute to the reduced power plant emissions.

Also, buy energy-efficient appliances that reduce energy to help us save the environment. This will not just give you an avenue to help the environment but also to save some energy costs.

Final thoughts

Aside from what we mentioned you can also create community green spaces like planting trees and helping your community build projects that are sustainable to the environment. By being an active person in your community who upholds the conservation of the environment, you will be investing for future generations.